Odds & Ends (or, Is It Summer Yet?!)

Every year around this time, the May-Almost-June-Wait-It-Is-June! time, I think to myself, “Next year I’ll organize better and will be able to spend these last weeks of the school year clearing out my files and cleaning up my office.”  This has yet to happen since I have almost no control over the amount of testing that I have to do at the end of the school year but I keep hoping.  As a result, I haven’t been blogging or really doing much of anything.  I have to say, I have been working out (hello double jogger!) but that’s really the only “extra” thing.

So, I give you a few odds and ends from the last month.

I had a birthday.

My HipstaPrint 973539269_4G. helped my mom to pick out the cake and, of course, needed some treats for herself and her brother, too.

My HipstaPrint 973539269_3For my birthday I got this cookbook (can’t wait for some time to try something!) and these lovely prep bowls as well.  We promptly used them to measure M&M’s for cookies.

My HipstaPrint 973539269_2Which we made and ate pretty quickly.   So quickly, in fact, that I couldn’t even get a photo.  But here’s the clean-up.

My HipstaPrint 973539269But what am I cooking, you ask?  Well, the level of my cooking has gone way, way down.  So many reports to write, so little time at home…  So today I threw a cut of pork into the slow cooker, added a bottle of oh-so-bad-for-you BBQ sauce (first on the ingredient list? High Fructose Corn Syrup!  It wasn’t my usual sauce, what can I say?) and let it cook for about five hours.  Shredded it with forks, threw it on a roll, added some pickles as a “vegetable” and called it a night.  Delicious, easy and maybe better than fast food.  Maybe.

My HipstaPrint 973539269_5So this is the state of my life these days.  I am longing for the lazy, long days in July in August, when I can blog, cook and hang out with my kids to my heart’s content.   I know that summer will FLY by this year because it always does and because it’s on the shorter side due to a number of snow days.  But that’s ok.  I can’t wait!

Hang with me until then, won’t you please?

5 thoughts on “Odds & Ends (or, Is It Summer Yet?!)

  1. Holly, it actually is similar to the brisket. I think the brisket is better but this is an ok sub in a pinch!
    When will you come have my brisket (or whatever) again?

  2. When you cook from Lydia, I want to come. I have a Lydia cookbook as well, and a recipe I’ve been meaning to try.

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