The Big Trip

We’ve done a bit of traveling this summer but our big trip, the one that we’ve been planning for months is going on now.  We’ve driven from our home near Boston, MA all the way to Grand Falls Windsor in Newfoundland, Canada.  It took days.  In the car.  With toddlers. It involved a ferry that, due to circumstances beyond our control, was 16 hours long (rather than the planned 8) and for which we had no cabin (rather than the one we had reserved ahead of time). Boy were we glad to see this sign upon leaving the boat.

photo 1

Nonetheless, we got here, attended a gorgeous wedding and have found ourselves surrounded by love, laughter and extremely good people.

photo 2While here, we have had some delicious food.  Our first night here, I managed to have a Keith’s, which was tasty and almost perfect.  It went along with an amazing rehearsal dinner meal of grilled steak, seven different salads and sides and a great green salad with almonds, red onion, spinach and strawberries.  The next day was the spa morning in preparation for the wedding.  Timbits made an appearance to help keep the multitude of little kids entertained.

photo 3At the wedding we were treated to a lovely steak dinner, completed with a popover filled with gravy.  The wine was delicious as well, a local kind, made with blueberries and partridge berries.  It was so, so good.  I may have to buy some to bring home.  moose-juiceBut none of that compared to the dinner I had tonight.  It was a traditional Jiggs Dinner made by one of my dearest friend’s mom.  Aside from so much gracious hospitality, his mom is also an amazing cook.  I ate so much my sides hurt and yet, and yet….  I am already thinking about how I can possibly have more.

photo 2The turkey and the bread pudding were not part of the traditional Jigg Dinner.  But they were good nonetheless.

photo 3As far as I can tell, you start with salted beef which you boil the salt out of and then you use that to season the other vegetables.  Turnips, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, and some kind of other green– collard maybe?

photo 5Add some gravy on top of all of that and it’s just heaven on a plate.  My friend has promised to teach me how to make it but I’m not sure I’ll be able to replicate it.  So good.

We’re here another two full days and I can’t wait to see what else is in store!  The only bad thing about being here are the little black flies which are simply vicious.  They are determined to eat my little ones away to nothing.  Bug repellent isn’t working but thankfully, the little ones aren’t noticing.  Looks worse than they are, I suppose.

photo 4

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