Endless Summer

As many of you know, I adore the idea of growing my own veggies and food.  As those of you who know me know, I am far too lazy to do this.  Weeding, planting, maintaining… not going to happen.  So I rely on the kindness of others.  Such as the lovely K. from Cocktail Farmers.  I’ve mentioned her before because she is my supplier of sungold tomatoes.  I never have photographs of these little beauties because I simply scarf them all down, sometimes in the car on the way home after seeing K.  They are like vegetable crack- sweet, bite-sized and addictive.

The last time I saw K., she also gave me this gorgeous tomato:

IMG_6508Don’t know what it’s called but oh, wow, was it good.  It was so good that I sliced it up:

IMG_6509And ate most of it with just a sprinkle of salt.  The rest I made into a sandwich.  I used Nashoba Brook Bakery’s Harvest bread, with just a bit of mayo and salt.

IMG_6510Oh my.  Summer in every bite.

My HipstaPrint 995575301It was so good (and so were the sungolds), that I am considering looking into growing small tomato plants inside my house, year round.  Is that even possible?  Off to google it….

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