Kitchen Fail: Adorable Food

diy-mini-caramel-apples(photo from

These mini-caramel apples have been making the rounds on facebook, pintrest, cooking blogs and various other parts of the internet. They don’t seem all that hard, really.  And yet….  I could not make them work.  No matter what I did.

I started out easy- scooped out the mini apples from a whole apple using a melon baller. photo 1 photo 2I melted the caramel and got my toppings ready.

photo 4I speared an apple with a toothpick and got to dipping.

photo 2But then this happened.

photo 4Back to the blog posts.  I tried freezing the apples first.  I tried drying the apples first.  I tried hotter caramel. I  tried cooler caramel.  I tried dipping in caramel and then sprinkles.  No good.

photo 3I have been bested by mini caramel apples.  Never fear.  I will conquer this.  Someday.  Maybe.  To help me, feel free to leave any suggestions in the comments.

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