20 Months

Not a food post but a long overdue letter to my baby boy who is so not a baby anymore…

My Sweet, Darling, Boy,


When it was just your sister, I was able to post these pretty regularly.  Now that you’ve joined us, I somehow haven’t had as much time.  This does not mean I am not thinking about you or that I am not paying close attention as you grow and change.


You were hanging out in the bathroom yesterday, while I took a shower.  I peeked around the curtain to see you pushing two toy boats around the floor, talking and singing happily to yourself and I was stunned by how old you are. Not only by how old you are but how very YOU, you are, if that makes sense.


You were so proud. “I feed cat!” you proclaimed.

You’re almost always smiling and happy.  When you make up your mind about something you stick with it.  You adore your sister and “‘acie” is one of the first things you say in the morning when you wake up, looking for her.

20131028-183540.jpgYou have a smile that charms just about everyone that sees it which makes it very hard to reprimand you when you’re turned around in the booth at a restaurant, grinning at the people at the next table.  When I tell you, sternly, to turn around, they all say, “But he’s so cute!”  Which I think you know.

20131028-183424.jpgThis is not to say that you don’t have your moments.  Most of the time you and your sister play very well together but every once in a while she’ll take something of yours (or vice versa) and then all hell breaks loose.  You scream and cry and are sometimes inconsolable.  Luckily, once you do calm down, you’re done with whatever it was and you’re ready to roll onto something new.


My darling boy, you have the sweetest nature.  You love people and you adore all of YOUR people- family, friends, daycare.  Your favorite person, however, remains me.  Which doesn’t always make life easy but always, always makes me feel loved and wanted.  When you reach out and put your arms around me and your head on my shoulder, I just melt.


Lately you’ve been talking a ton.  You’re making sentences of two and three words- even if I can’t always understand them.  When someone sneezes you’re quick to say, “‘ess oo.”  I don’t even know where you learned that.  You mimic the words and tone of everyone around you and it amazes me how much you remember later.


Sweet, sweet boy.  I am so madly in love with you (and your sister) that I can’t even speak.  When people at work (because I work.  A lot.) ask me what I do for self-care my answer is always the same:  spend time with my kids.  Just hanging out with you guys makes me happier than anything else in the world.


I love you little boy.  Don’t grow too fast, ok?  I want to savor these moments a little longer.


Love always,

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