A Little Late To The Party

Yes, yes, yes, I know.  It’s already been Thanksgiving.  It’s already been the first night of Chanukah.  It’s already been Thanksgivukkah.  What can I say?  I was busy enjoying those holidays rather than posting to the blog.  Perhaps you’ll forgive me when I offer you so many photos.  Stick with me, as there are glorious sights to see– Maneschewitz- brined Turkey!  Latkes!  Pecan Pie Rugelach!  Oh, the mash up of Jew and Pilgrim!

We did, in fact, celebrate Thanksgivukkah.  I based some of my recipes on this post.

Our menu?  Maneschewitz Brined Turkey with gravy, mashed potatoes, potato latkes, cranberry applesauce, challah chestnut stuffing, roasted brussel sprouts with pomegranate molasses, green beans, chocolate chip cookies and a pecan pie.  Whew.

I will confess that a few weekends before The Big Day, I made pecan pie rugelach.  It was an unmidigated disaster.  IMG_7246So one of our guests brought us a pecan pie.  Just the regular old kind which I love.

Where to start?  The turkey was brined in a “normal” way but with the addition of that wonderfully, cloyingly sweet wine, Manischewitz,

IMG_7274I had a bucket for the occasion.

IMG_7276It turned the turkey purple.


The recipe called for a lot of butter to be massaged into the bird.  Gross but I did my duty.

IMG_7296But when it was cooked, it was the correct color AND not too buttery.

IMG_7301IMG_7306It was really good- moist and juicy and just the right amount of salty/sweet.



I peeled a ton of potatoes for both mashed and fried (latkes).


The stuffing was unbelievably good.  I love stuffing in general and when you add chestnuts and challah (dense, eggy challah) it’s just out of this world.

How all good things begin:

IMG_7273I followed the shiksa’s recipe pretty loosely– I used butter as I wasn’t worried about keeping kosher– and chicken broth.  I didn’t measure the veggies or the chestnuts, just threw in what I thought would work.  But I did use the mushrooms.

IMG_7278And I cooked it the way she suggested, even though it felt very…soupy to me.

IMG_7280Never fear.  Once taken out of the pan and mixed with the eggs and bread, it was the exact right texture.

IMG_7283I packed it into a baking dish and saved a little for the turkey.

IMG_7300It was so good.  Even my husband — who loves all stuffing but thinks it’s no good if there’s no meat– ate a ton of it.

IMG_7309My mother came with both the cranberry applesauce and the brussel sprouts, both of which were tart and sweet at the same time.



Of course, we had to have latkes.  It was, after all, Chanukah.

IMG_7311I also made some chocolate chip cookies, but added a touch of cinnamon to the dough.  They were delicious.

IMG_7302Our table was generally full of good family, friends and good as well as a lot of laughter.  They’re always so patient when I make them wait to eat so that I can take pictures.

IMG_7312IMG_7310At the end of the meal, we lit the Chanukah candles and my two were thrilled with their “Boston Strong” t-shirts and race day medals.  They did not “earn” these medals but they loved them anyway.




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