To The Lighthouse

One of the best things about my mother and my friends is that, most of the time, my mother is friends with my friends and vice versa.  Which means that when my mother gets a great idea like, say, buying a groupon so that four of us can have lunch in a lighthouse– an ACTUAL lighthouse– we have no problem finding friends to enthusiastically join us!

So, to the lighthouse we went and it was completely and totally fun.  This is the lighthouse.

IMG_7343Upon arriving, we all remarked, “Will we all fit?”  Only one way to find out– up the stairs we went (well, this is the view looking down, but you get the idea).

IMG_7341The last little bit was a ladder.

IMG_7342Then we were in!  And it was so tiny.  And so cute.  And so delightful!

IMG_7319Great views.

IMG_7320IMG_7321IMG_7322Plus, a little, itty, bitty door you could use to go out onto a little, itty, bitty catwalk.

IMG_7323IMG_7325Enough about the lighthouse (although, we had a constant joke about having sex in the lighthouse because it’s so romantic, so many people had gotten engaged there– we read the notes in the “keepers log”– and there was a specific request in the letter we’d gotten telling us about the lighthouse NOT to have sex).  Let’s talk about the food.  Which was also delicious but not tiny, thank goodness!  As there were four of us, we were able to order one of everything (a special groupon menu).

We started with clam chowder and a wedge salad.

IMG_7331IMG_7330We then had a lobster roll, haddock, and steak.

IMG_7332IMG_7335IMG_7336The sides were great, too– squash, cole slaw, french fries and yummy mashed potatoes.

IMG_7337IMG_7338IMG_7333IMG_7334Our table runneth over.

IMG_7339After we ate, we sat around, chatting (topics included local politics, the plot of a recently read novel, more sex jokes and the question of how long an ex is still technically your ex- answer?  it depends) and being too full to move.  When we could scamper down from our perch, we wandered around town for a few minutes (we found a great old antiques/flea market type place) and then returned for dessert.

Of which I have no photos.  It was also delicious (turtle cheesecake, chocolate mousse and apple bread pudding with copious amounts of whipped cream) but you’ll just have to take my word for it.

All in all, a delightful Sunday afternoon of good food, good family and good friends.


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