Not Worth The Hassle-Back

I have recently become fascinated by hasselback potatoes. They look so pretty!  So crispy!  So tasty! However,  the Hippo attempted them at one point and we discussed and she wasn’t a fan.  “Not worth the trouble,”  she said.  I should have listened.  They are definitely NOT worth the trouble.

Nonetheless, I present them to you here, in case you, like me, need to learn your lessons the hard way.  Or, if you are able to make them worth the bother, please post and let me know where I went wrong!

Hasselback Potatoes


1 potato per person (I used russet)

butter, salt, pepper or other seasonings

a bit of olive oil


Wash your potatoes.

photo 4Take a sharp knife and very carefully cut 3/4 of the way through the potato, in thin slices from one side to the other. Don’t cut through the whole way.

photo 5Line a baking sheet (I actually recommend using a deeper roasting type pan for reasons you will see shortly) with foil and lightly oil it with olive oil.

Slice small pats of butter and insert them in between each potato slice.

photo 2Place into the baking pan and then season with salt and pepper and anything else you might like.  Garlic?  Onion?  Paprika?  Go to town.  Make it your own.

photo 4Bake in a 450 degree oven for about an hour or until they are crispy on the edges and tender on the inside.

photo 5See all that butter on the bottom?  Yup, it all melted right out of those ridges.  So I ended up sort of basting my potatoes as they cooked.  I’m not sure if that worked or not.

photo 3My husband said that the inside was buttery and good but that the end pieces were sort of dry and not as good.

photo 4So, you make the call.  And report back, please.

In other food news, I experimented making a leftover challah chocolate chip bread pudding (leftover challah mixed into some eggs and milk, chocolate chips added, baked in a buttered dish for about an hour at 350 until the middle was set).  It was so good.  I served it with vanilla ice cream and some melted caramel candies.

photo 5I also made this slow cooker thai soup (without cilantro, of course),  Which was good but I think next time I’ll add more red curry paste (do not use red chili paste which is what I bought the first time around!  doh!) and more salt.  I also used chicken thighs rather than breasts.

photo 1And finally, my newest re-discovered passion?  Alcohol.  But not in a get-it-in-fast-so-I-can-be-drunk-and-party kind of way.  More in a I-enjoy-this-taste kind of way.  Dark and stormy is my new drink and this beer is a new favorite as well.

photo 3Mostly because it’s yummy and also because you can play rock-paper-scissors with the bottle caps.  (I’m waiting for them to introduce the lizard and Spock caps).    photo 2Happy almost holidays!!!


4 thoughts on “Not Worth The Hassle-Back

    • That looks good! And since it’s really more of a gratin than the true hasselback, it’s probably going to be delicious. Mmmm. Save me some if you do make it!

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