Holiday Food Part I

Just a few bits of holiday food to share as we move into the new year.

I was given a wonderful cookbook called Wintersweet:  Seasonal Deserts To Warm The Home by Tammy Donroe Inman and it is incredible.  I’ve made two things from it, Honey Roasted Pears With Blue Cheese and Walnuts and Sugared Cranberries.  Both were a hit- sweet and tangy, smooth and creamy, crisp and crunchy.  So amazingly good that I can’t wait to try the rest of the recipes.  I won’t put them here as the author hasn’t put them on her blog- check it out here, food on the food- yet and I don’t want to do any kind of bad copyright thing. I’ll give you a little photo guide to use, however, after you’ve bought her amazing book so you can try it yourself.

Honey Roasted Pears with Blue Cheese and Walnuts

Slice your pears and scoop out the center.  I used (and broke) an ancient melon baller.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_34Make sure to leave lots of space for the yummy stuffing.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_4Whisk together the ingredients in a small baking pan.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_32Put the pear halves in, skin side up.  I also sliced a little bit off the top so that they’d sit flat once stuffed.  Roast them in the oven and inhale the yummy smell of honey and butter and pear.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_11Meanwhile, toast your nuts.  I used some previous spiced pecans given to me by the same friend who gave me the cookbook (it’s like she knew!).  Get your blue cheese ready.  Once the pears are tender, stuff with the blue cheese.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_30Put them back in the oven to get all melty.  Then serve on a plate, with nuts sprinkled on top and the honey sauce poured over.  I’m telling you, I could have bathed in this sauce.  So good.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_18Whew.  So good.  Plus, it inspired me to create a similar pizza.  Homemade crust, topped with olive oil, ricotta, and blue cheese.  Baked until melted and crispy and then topped with thin slivers of raw, crunchy pear and drizzled with honey.  So very delicious.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_17I’ll leave you with these for now but will be back soon to show you the sugared cranberries and other holiday treats.



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