Out With The Old, In With The New

Happy New Year!  We didn’t really celebrate anything last night.  I put the kids to bed just before my husband got home from work and we were able to have a nice dinner together, without the kids.  Then we sat on the sofa and watched Modern Family before the musical beds for the night began (I’m hoping that 2014 will be the year that both my kiddos learn to sleep by themselves, through the night, in their own beds.  I can dream.

Our dinner:

My HipstaPrint 995743201_8I’m aware that it looks like a pile of raw meat.  It wasn’t, it was skirt steak, marinated, with broccoli and roasted purple potatoes.  It was delicious.

I also made my newest obsession, a s’mores martini.  Oh my.  These are so delicious (if you like sweet drinks.  If you prefer, say, a dirty martini, as my oldest friend does, then these are not for you) and that is what makes them dangerous. They go down like candy so not only do you (or I) drink them quickly, but you also end up drinking more.  Two is my limit (but maybe three on special occasions).

My HipstaPrint 995743201_4S’mores Martini


Marshmallow Vodka, 2 oz

Bailey’s Irish Cream, 1 oz


Optional for style:

Chocolate Syrup, crushed graham crackers

My HipstaPrint 995743201_14


Pour some chocolate syrup on a plate. Crush a graham cracker and put the crumbs on another plate.  Coat the rim of your glass with the chocolate syrup.  I did an initial dip.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_1Then I sort of moved it around to make sure it was well coated.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_9

My HipstaPrint 995743201_18

Then dip your glass rim into the crushed graham crackers.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_3Again, you may need to move it around to ensure proper coating.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_13My HipstaPrint 995743201Once it’s coated, let it stand for a moment.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_7

Meanwhile, if you have a cocktail shaker, fill it with ice.  If not, a large glass will do, fill that with ice.  Then add the vodka and Bailey’s to it.  I’m not good enough at this to do it freehand so I measure.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_5


I also don’t have a cocktail shaker but do have a milkshake maker.  Go figure.  So I use the cup from that.


My HipstaPrint 995743201_15You could shake it as with a shaker or you can pour it back and forth between the large glass and another several times, which is what I do.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_10Yes, we drink a lot of milk in our house.  Plus our recycle is full.  This is my life.

Now, if you want to be super fancy, you can decorate the inside of your martini glass with chocolate syrup, which I recommend.  I, of course, can’t do this part in a pretty way so I leave it to my husband, the former bartender.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_12He sort of pours in the syrup and tilts the glass at the same time, making a pretty pattern.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_21Then carefully pour your cocktail into your glass, making sure not to drop in any of the ice.  Way more easily done with a proper shaker.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_19Then enjoy.  Try not to drink too many.  Good luck with that.

So, that was the old.  Now, the new.

It’s traditional to eat black eyed peas on new year’s so I made the Pioneer Woman’s Black Eyed Pea Dip, which is delicious.  But I made a few changes.  So, at what point does it cease to be her recipe and become mine?  I’m not sure.  At any rate, I’ll show you what I did and link you to hers here.  I also didn’t measure.  Some things don’t change.

Black Eyed Pea Dip (Modified)


Black eyed peas, cooked or from a can (drained and rinsed), NOT the dry kind.

sour cream

cheddar cheese

onion, chopped



Preheat oven to 350 degrees.  In a bowl or the dish you’ll bake it in, mash the black eyed peas, leave a few whole for texture.

My HipstaPrint 995743201

Chop your onion- I used about 1/4 of one.  PW says to put it in raw but I cooked mine just a bit first.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_6

Grate your cheese- I probably used about 1-2 cups.  Add to the peas.  Add your onions.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_16Then add a few tablespoons of salsa and a few tablespoons of sour cream.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_2Mix it all together and add salt and pepper to taste.  Bake at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes or until all the cheese is melted and bubbly.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_11Serve with tortilla chips.  Mine was definitely not spicy as I think PW’s probably is because I didn’t use the jalapeno pepper she did.  It was good- cheesy and creamy and soothing.  Plus, you know, lucky because of the beans.

My HipstaPrint 995743201_20

Here’s to a year that is lucky for all of us, full of laughter, joy, love and delicious food!


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