Healthy and Unhealthy.

I have a new favorite thing.  It is so good.  I saw it and thought to myself, “Self, that can’t be good.  It’s not going to be worth it.”

I was so, so wrong.

It is a healthy substitute for alfredo sauce.  Yes, I said it, a healthy substitute.  It even passed my husband’s test and he adores true, full fat, full cheese, full calorie alfredo sauce.

There is nothing I can say about this sauce that isn’t said by Lindsay over at  This is an amazing blog and I encourage you to check it out.  But more than that, make this sauce.  You will NOT regret it.

I have no photos of it, that is how good it was.  So go over and check it out.  Really.  Right now.  Click here.

I will give you some photos of my husband’s birthday cake.  We did our birthday dinner (family tradition, you can choose whatever you want to eat.  He always picks steak and egg noodles with butter, garlic and salt.) and he wanted a chocolate trifle for dessert.  The kids helped to make it.  Well, they helped to make the cake and the pudding.

photo 1

I had extra cake, pudding, cream and fudge so I made little cakes with fudge inside as well.

photo 2

They were super cute and about three bites each.

photo 3

It was gone within days, as in his birthday dinner was Monday and by Thursday morning  this was all that was left.  The kids really liked eating “daddy’s cake” for dessert each night.  Oh, ok, so did the adults (Confession?  I may have had a few spoonfuls for breakfast during that week.  Don’t judge me.).

photo 4So there you have it- a bit of healthy mixed with some seriously unhealthy stuff.  A good balance as we move through January.


4 thoughts on “Healthy and Unhealthy.

  1. Okay. Evan and I are moving in. We would like pasta with not-really alfredo sauce and lots and lots of chocolate trifle or mini cakes. We’re not that picky. We are that hungry however, so we’ll probably need a whole recipe of each entirely to ourselves. Daily.

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