Two Years and One Day

Not a food post.  I apologize.  It’s been a hell of a month here for me and I haven’t been able to get back to this blog, as much as I’ve wanted to– I’m also not cooking much these days and the family is living on PB&J, Mac and Cheese (organic!) and eggs.  It’s just that time of year, I suppose.  At any rate, I hope to get some posts in when I’m on vacation in another week or so.  Until then, I give you this:

Dear Baby M.,

You are so, not even a little bit, a baby anymore.  Two years!  I can’t understand where those two years have gone.  You seem to be developing at light speed, faster than your sister did, and I can’t believe what a little person you are already.

photo 2

Your language is developing in leaps and bounds.  You’re talking in full sentences and we can understand you clearly 85% of the time.  The rest of the time Gracie translates or you just keep trying until we get it.  You learn and use new words every day.  I love your little voice and all the not-so-little opinions you’re sharing, even when they’re in opposition to what I want at the time.

photo 5

Physically you are amazing.  You want to keep up with the big kids at daycare and most of the time you do.  You can climb as well as your sister at the playground and would definitely attempt more if I’d let you.


Socially you hang back a bit more than your sister.  You like to snuggle up with whatever adult brought you, taking in the activity and the situation for a few minutes before you jump in.  Once you do jump in, you’re all in with as much exuberance and energy as you can muster.

photo 2

Your fine motor skills are also amazing.  You love puzzles and will chose to do that over almost anything else.  You’re always so proud when you’ve put the pieces in correctly (which is surprisingly often.).


You still adore your sister.  You follow her everywhere and most of the time you guys get along beautifully.  You definitely have your moments when you don’t and those moments are loud and ferocious but less than the moments of fun.  The other day you bumped into her accidentally when you were putting on your coats and when she complained, you hugged her and said, “I ‘torry ‘Acie.”  My heart just melted.

photo 2

I have finally come to terms and have accepted the fact that we are a co-sleeping, bed-sharing family.  We play musical beds each night and my hope is that with enough patience and time, everyone will eventually sleep in the appropriate bed.  I think it’s a good sign that you will now choose your own bed over mine (assuming I’m in it with you.  Or maybe Daddy, if I’m unavailable.).  Meanwhile, I’m enjoying the snuggles because you will always choose me over anyone else and you will almost always choose to snuggle.  In fact, you will tell me, “Mama, ‘nuggle!”

photo 1

It’s so easy for me to forget what is really important.  I get very caught up in my work, in the crisis at hand, in my relationships with other grown ups and I forget just how essential you and your sister are to me and my life.  This morning I was lying in your bed with you, your head on my shoulder, body curled in close to mine and I thought, “This.  This is what is important.”  I will try to hold on to that in the days to come.

photo 1

I love you little, sweet, smart, strong, beautiful boy.  You are such a gift to me and I can’t believe I get to be your mother.  I am one lucky woman.



PS  Just for the record, here is one food picture.  You asked for a dinosaur cake for your party this year.  This is what we managed to make.



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