Photo Blitz

As a result of the lack of time I have these days due to work and birthdays and all sort of other events, I tend to take photos while I’m cooking and then they just sit on my camera, waiting for me to write up the recipe.  Or I take the photos all the way through but forget to take a picture of the final product.  Or I take a few photos but then can’t recall the recipe I used.  This is my life.

Therefore, I am starting anew.  On vacation this week and I have uploaded all photos from the various cooking projects of the last few months.  I’ll offer links and information where I can, otherwise, just enjoy the view!

I give you glimpses of Our Family Table this winter:

Minimeatloaf “cupcakes”

My HipstaPrint 942380513_41

I totally cheated with this one- bought premixed meatloaf from Whole Foods and just divided it into muffin pans.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_1

I even bought boxed instant potatoes (Whole Foods, so *must* be “healthy”, right?!).

My HipstaPrint 942380513_31

Simple as anything- just pipe the potato on top (I use a plastic ziplock and just cut the corder off) and serve.  These were a hit.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_10A few weeks ago, this parmesan broth from Smitten Kitchen was all the rage.  I was super excited to try it but I was somewhat let down.  I suspect I did not let it cook long enough or that it needed more parmesan or that my taste buds, American as they are, are dulled to subtle flavoring.  Who can tell?  It’s one I might try again.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_36You check out the recipe on Deb’s blog but essentially, you’re boiling parmesan cheese rinds.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_9 My HipstaPrint 942380513_16 My HipstaPrint 942380513_28My HipstaPrint 942380513_5

Deb calls for white beans and kale.  I used the white beans but had spinach in place of kale. Which I hate.  Both on principle and on taste.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_14Early in January there was a bachelorette party which involved eating a very fine dinner at Henrietta’s Table.  It was a group of wonderful women and amazing food.  It was so long ago (and there was a LOT of wine) that I can’t recall what each dish was so just look and drool  Every single thing was delicious.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_27 My HipstaPrint 942380513_24 My HipstaPrint 942380513_22 My HipstaPrint 942380513_17 My HipstaPrint 942380513_15 My HipstaPrint 942380513_13 My HipstaPrint 942380513_8 My HipstaPrint 942380513_6 My HipstaPrint 942380513_4 My HipstaPrint 942380513_39 My HipstaPrint 942380513_37

There were also some cozy nights at home.  I made the Pork Shoulder Ragu from Dinner:  A Love Story and it went quite well with pasta, garlic bread and wine.  It lasted for a few meals and also went well with salad.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_21 My HipstaPrint 942380513_33 My HipstaPrint 942380513_35The first three months of the year also include a multitude of family birthdays.  First my husband, then my son, then my mother, then my father, then my daughter.  A few photos from my son’s dinosaur themed party.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_19 My HipstaPrint 942380513 My HipstaPrint 942380513_30 My HipstaPrint 942380513_34 My HipstaPrint 942380513_20 My HipstaPrint 942380513_3

Yes, dinosaur shaped sandwiches.  I bought an actual sandwich cutter but I bet you could use a big cookie cutter too.  The bonus is that now we have dino sandwiches on the regular around here.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_29 My HipstaPrint 942380513_18 My HipstaPrint 942380513_23 photo-2(I’m pretty proud of that cake, if I do say so myself.  Mostly buttercream and food coloring but also some organic vanilla wafer cookies crushed up and sprinkled on for “sand”.  His sister helped with the cookie crushing.)

My HipstaPrint 942380513_26I started a crock pot boeuf bourguignon but I would be hard pressed to tell you the recipe or how it turned out.  I didn’t take a final product picture.  Perhaps the fact that I can’t recall it suggests that it was not stellar.  Nonetheless, here you go, crockpot boeuf bourguignon in process:

My HipstaPrint 942380513_12 My HipstaPrint 942380513_3 My HipstaPrint 942380513_16 My HipstaPrint 942380513_11 My HipstaPrint 942380513_5 My HipstaPrint 942380513_14 My HipstaPrint 942380513_6 My HipstaPrint 942380513_24 My HipstaPrint 942380513_22The kids went though one of my cookbooks one night and marked all the things they wanted to try.  I believe it was First Meals by Annabel Karmel.    From that came pinwheel sandwiches (no final picture but I’m sure you can get the idea) and cheesy animal bread.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_10

Essentially you cut the crusts off of two slices of bread and then use a rolling pin to smoosh them together into one big piece.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_4 My HipstaPrint 942380513_20 My HipstaPrint 942380513_15 My HipstaPrint 942380513_23 My HipstaPrint 942380513_8Slice them (like you would a jelly roll or slice and bake cookies) and you’ll have little pinwheels.  A hit at our house.

See if you can guess the animals requested by the kids:

My HipstaPrint 942380513

My HipstaPrint 942380513_2

Above is actually a dinosaur and a giraffe.  Below are a bear, a turtle (what the original recipe called for) and another dino.  I was proud of that one.

My HipstaPrint 942380513_17My HipstaPrint 942380513_19 My HipstaPrint 942380513_7 My HipstaPrint 942380513_13 My HipstaPrint 942380513_21 My HipstaPrint 942380513_18 My HipstaPrint 942380513_1The bread needed some tweaking, I think, but it was fun to make the shapes.

As I said, this week we’ve been on vacation so we’ve done lots of visiting.  A friend came over a few days ago and she has been vegan since December.  I am entirely intrigued by this concept but am not sure how I could make it work with two picky toddlers and a meat-and-potatoes loving husband.  Maybe someday.  At any rate, we made these delicious vegan pumpkin muffins in her honor and they were so good that we made them again today, but added mini chocolate chips.  Hey, like I said, we’re on vacation!

My HipstaPrint 942380513So, there you have it.  A few snapshots of what we’ve been eating.  As I finish off my vacation, I’m planning to try a cauliflower and cheese crust pizza (and am curious to see if the husband notices) and my goal for the rest of February and March is twofold- 1, to eat more veggies and fruit and 2, to post at least four times between now and April 1st.  Let’s see what I can do!




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