Happy National School Breakfast Week!

This week, March 3-7, 2014 is National School Breakfast Week.

On a serious note, one in five families in the United States are considered “food insecure”, meaning they struggle to afford food.  For children in these families, school breakfast and lunch is sometimes the only reliable, consistent source of nutrition.  What happens to these kids over the weekends, vacations and summer, when this source of food is gone?  Click here to read about a program that supports these kids.

On a less serious note, it was my department’s turn for faculty meeting snacks this week.  We decided that breakfast would be our theme.  It’s sort of a friendly competition among the departments in terms of providing the snacks and, I have to say, the two departments with whom I affiliate (I’m kind of my own department) tend to win in a big way.

My HipstaPrint 937096673_1I made broccoli and cheese quiche and picked up some lox.  We had bagels, munchkins, coffee, fruit salad, cheese and crackers (some people prefer savory at breakfast), mexibake (a tortilla/egg/cheese/salsa casserole), and amazing crepes filled with bacon, eggs and cheese or mushrooms, spinach and goat cheese. There was yummy coffee cake, yogurt and granola.  There were even clementines and some magic bars.

I think it’s safe to say that we ruled the faculty snacks.

My HipstaPrint 937096673_4My HipstaPrint 937096673_2My HipstaPrint 937096673_3I’m having a vegetarian week so I couldn’t eat the crepes with bacon, as pictured above.  But I did eat the ones with goat cheese, mushrooms and spinach.  So good.




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