One Pot Dish

This one is making the rounds on the internet but I had my doubts. I mean, I get the concept- pasta cooks the same way rice does, by absorbing water, so it makes sense that you could cook  it essentially like a risotto, but still.  I wasn’t buying it.

Until tonight.  Is it a perfect dish?  No.  Will it take some tweaking?  Yes.  But it is so easy and somewhat healthy that I think it could be worth it.  So I’m giving it to you, without tweaking and without modifications.  Play with it and let me know what works for you.  I’m open to ideas.

Italian One Pot Wonder (found on


4 cups vegetable broth (I bet you could use chicken but I’m currently on a vegetarian kick)

1 package (12 oz) of fettuccine- I used a mix of linguine and fettuccine– I think the thicker noodle was better than the thinner

2 tablespoons olive oil

1 onion, sliced thinly

4 cloves of garlic, sliced thinly

8 oz frozen chopped spinach (I used fresh baby spinach, a whole package)

1 can (28oz) diced tomatoes (I’m curious how fresh would be.  Maybe next time.)

dried basil

dried oregano

red pepper flakes (I didn’t use these)

freshly ground black pepper (also skipped this)

cheese for topping- the original recipe called for feta, I used parmesan


Pour the veggie broth into a large pot.  Break the pasta so that it’s easier to stir later and drop it into the pot.  Add everything else.  Put the cover on and bring to a boil over high heat.

My HipstaPrint 938657249_5So I hoped that the fresh spinach would have enough liquid that when it cooked down it would make up for not being frozen in terms of liquid.  The original instructions say that everything should be submerged in the broth as you boil it but obviously that wasn’t the case here.  I sort of stirred and smushed down the spinach.

My HipstaPrint 938657249_3I let it boil and then turned down the heat.

My HipstaPrint 938657249My HipstaPrint 938657249_6It cooked for about 15 minutes, still boiling but more gently.  I stirred it a few times so that the pasta wouldn’t stick to the bottom. The liquid started to absorb.My HipstaPrint 938657249_4I finally called it done at this point but I’m sure it could’ve gone a bit longer.

My HipstaPrint 938657249_7I dished it up with some parm cheese and I have to say…  it was good!  Sort of supple and smooth and silky.  Pasta was cooked well, not mushy or raw.  I’d like to think other veggies could be added to up the nutritional value and maybe even whole wheat pasta- though I’m not sure how that would impact the liquid amount and cooking time.

My HipstaPrint 938657249_2And it really was just one pot!  How’s that for easy?





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