Dinosaurs In My Kitchen*

Not a completely not food post, but close.

Have you guys seen Dinovember?  If not, click on that link and check it out.  I’ll wait…

Ok, so in a fit of crazy, I started this in our house.  Actually, it wasn’t a fit of crazy so much as it was a Saturday night of red wine and scrabble.

IMG_8834 IMG_8835 IMG_8836 IMG_8837After the husband and I had our laughs, we set the dinos up for the kids to find in the morning.

IMG_8856It got such a great reaction that we did it again the next night.

IMG_8864And the next.

IMG_8874Ok, I confess, it’s pretty fun to try to come up with situations for the dinosaurs.  We’ve done a whole bunch and I even solicited ideas from Facebook friends.

IMG_8881 IMG_8872 IMG_8887 IMG_8874But I may have created a monster.  Every morning, G. wakes up and says, “Mumma, let’s see what the dinosaurs are doing!”

IMG_8897I obviously didn’t think this through.

IMG_8904 IMG_8908 IMG_8909 IMG_8907I’m not sure how much longer I can keep it going.

IMG_8911 IMG_8914 IMG_8922 IMG_8941I’ve even gotten my husband into it.  He does rock climbing so thought of this one.

IMG_8944 IMG_8945 IMG_8946I’ll take good ideas in the comments please.  As well as ways to perhaps ease off….?

*With thanks to Splash N Boots for the title.


1 thought on “Dinosaurs In My Kitchen*

  1. You are batsh-t crazy my girl. I have phasing out ideas, but will speak with you directly regarding them. Also, clearly I am a cold joyless witch. But they are pretty cute.

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