“Chopped” at home

Hey there.  It’s all of a sudden back to school for me and the summer is gone!  One of my favorite things about this summer was my daughter’s sudden interest in “Chopped.”  She requests it and then states, firmly and without doubt, “Mama, I know who’s going to get chopped.”  She refuses to tell me because “it’s a surprise.”

Often on the show, the original idea that the chefs have doesn’t work and they have to revamp on the fly.  This happened to me a few nights ago, when I overcooked the broccoli.  Overcooked broccoli is mushy and gross so I decided to create a broccoli cheese puree.  Very Chopped of me.

I can’t really give you a recipe because I made it up and used what I had.  I put the mushy broccoli into the food processor and added garlic powder, parmesan cheese and a whipped cheddar cheese spread (I know! Processed!  But it was left over from a party and it seemed wasteful to throw it out).  At the end, I added a smidgen of melted butter- maybe a tablespoon or so.  I whirred it all around what came out was this:

My HipstaPrint 988444361_2To be fair, it doesn’t photograph well but it was very good.  Green and cheesy, creamy and salty.  Delicious next to the steak and potatoes the husband had requested.  I popped it in the microwave to heat it up before I served it and it was perfect.  Or at least a lot better than the mushy broccoli would have been!

My HipstaPrint 988444361Of course, if it really were chopped, I’d have gone for sure since it’s not very well plated.  But, for the chopped at home game, I’m calling it a win!



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