Comfort in a bowl

I’m still here, still cooking, still muddling through life.  Not working as much but more kid activities- swimming lessons, sports classes and that kind of thing.  In all the rush, I managed to take some time for myself and visit with a dear friend (the hippo!) and she was so very kind and loving towards me.  I needed some comfort and she made me Smitten Kitchen’s miso broccoli rice bowl.  It was so very good and exactly what I needed at the time.

I made it again this week and it was just as comforting.  Little tip, when you’re looking for miso, look in the soup section.  I couldn’t find it in the Asian foods section of Whole Foods but did find it in the soup/soup mix area of Wegmens.

This recipe is so easy.  You make your rice (I use a rice cooker), roast or steam your broccoli, roast your sweet potato, heat your black beans and top all of that with the miso dressing from Smitten Kitchen. 

The rice.

IMG_0154Sweet potato, broccoli and black beans added.

IMG_0155Finally, topped with the so yummy and delicious miso dressing.

IMG_0158I sort of wanted to stick my face in it and just inhale the dressing.  It was so good.

IMG_0159Make this now. You won’t regret it.


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