Halloween Dinner 2015

Admittedly, not my best work but it was fun, nonetheless.

IMG_0184The easiest?  Minibagels with sliced cheese.  Melted under the broiler and then a plastic spider on top for creepy effect.  My daughter was almost insane with anticipation- I asked her to hand me four spiders and then she asked, incessantly, “What are the spiders for, Mumma?”  She was delirious with joy when I showed her the bagels.

IMG_0186Next easiest were the pumpkin eggs.  Hardboil your eggs and devil the filling.  Click here for my version.   Just add the paprika directly to the filling to make it more orange.  IMG_0170

Then fill the egg whites using a pastry bag or a ziplock with the tip cut off.


I sort of smoothed the filling with my fingers and then used a pumpkin carving tool (the one that comes in the little book with the patterns?) to make the pumpkin lines.

IMG_0172 IMG_0173

I then made some thin slices in a peapod for the stem.  You could probably use anything green- scallion, broccoli stem, etc.- for this.

IMG_0175There you have it!  Pumpkin eggs.

IMG_0174Finally, I made monsters with brains.  I’ve been telling the kids for a week that we were going to have brains for dinner and they would always giggle and add, slightly nervously, “But it’s really spaghetti!”

So, make your spaghetti.  If you 1) have tomato sauce and 2) have children that will eat tomato sauce, it would probably look better to have sauced spaghetti for the brains- more “real.”  Neither 1 nor 2 were true for me so plain brains for us it was.

As my kids are unpredictable eaters, I used tiny peppers.  First I sliced a bit off the bottom to make them flat and then cut off the top with the stem.

IMG_0168IMG_0169I used cheese to make the eyes and mouth.  I tried cutting out circles with a straw but was too impatient for that.  So I moved on to an old apple core-er.

IMG_0176 Then it was a matter of getting the cheese to stick to the pepper.  Frustration abounded while I experimented and was successful when I ended up using a toothpick and a dab of miso paste to get the cheese to stick. IMG_0177

For the eyeballs I used a toothpick and a bit of chocolate syrup.



Stuff the spaghetti (I coated mine in butter and cheese in a desperate attempt to get my kids not to eat it plain) inside the peppers and there you go.

IMG_0185The kids loved it, ate very little of it and went out shortly after for trick or treating.  As we are not a candy family, the novelty has worn off and the candy that is left (we didn’t get much) is promptly being eaten by my husband and myself.  As it should be.

Happy Halloween!

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