Catching Up

So it’s been more than a month since I last posted. Obviously I’ve been cooking but I haven’t really been cooking anything new or of note. True to my history, I’ve taken lots of photos and have often forgotten to photograph the final product. But in the interest of catching up, I’m going to throw them all up here and see what happens.

Happy holidays to you and yours! May these next few weeks bring you lots of love, laughter, joy and good food!

My HipstaPrint 823794753_2
Seasonal cupcakes from Whole Foods. The kids begged me and I couldn’t resist!

My HipstaPrint 823794753_26
Beginnings of the ever-present in the fall/winter chicken soup.

My HipstaPrint 823794753_10

My HipstaPrint 823794753_29
My new favorite pasta to put into the chicken soup.

My HipstaPrint 823794753_16The beginnings of a Thanksgiving sandwich.

My HipstaPrint 823794753_27 Adding the cranberry sauce. My HipstaPrint 823794753_8and the warm, stove-top, of course, stuffing.

My HipstaPrint 823794753_6

One of our favorite go-to meals, thanks to a good friend and Cooking Light- Rosti with baked eggs. 

My HipstaPrint 823794753_4 My HipstaPrint 823794753_22


What I may or may not have been having for dinner these days.



My HipstaPrint 823794753_18

My HipstaPrint 823794753_20


What my kitchen looks like at the end of the night.


My HipstaPrint 823794753 My HipstaPrint 823794753_24

I find dinosaurs in the strangest places!


My HipstaPrint 823794753_12


We have started our holiday season around here.


My HipstaPrint 823794753_30 My HipstaPrint 823794753_11 My HipstaPrint 823794753_17Which means brisket

My HipstaPrint 823794753_5and, of course, latkes.

My HipstaPrint 823794753_13 My HipstaPrint 823794753_25


This year, we also had Chanukah pasta, thanks to another good friend.



My HipstaPrint 823794753_28 My HipstaPrint 823794753_9So, there you go. The last few weeks in pictures.  I am off on vacation for the next two weeks or so and may attempt a few fun food projects.  If so, stay tuned.  If not, well, stay tuned anyway.


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