I’m So Sorry

You guys.

Forgive me for what I am about to share with you.


You know that Trader Joe’s sells something called cookie butter, right?  It’s delicious and I only discovered it recently.  I prefer to eat it with a spoon once in a while.  I can’t imagine eating it any other way.  As good as it is, I was able to portion it out.  It wasn’t an obsession.

But this.  Oh no.

The Kitchen Paper posted a recipe for Oreo Cookie Butter.  Oh boy.  You guys.  I can’t even.

It’s so simple and yet so, so good.  It’s so dangerou to have becuase, honestly, I just made it and have already had three spoonfuls.  I mean, I JUST made it.  This is bad.  Bad, bad, bad.

Oreo Cookie Butter (Posted by The Kitchen Paper)


1 package oreo cookies (I actually used Wegman’s house brand.  Same thing, really)

1/4 cup coconut oil


Put the cookies and oil into the food processor.

My HipstaPrint 983616577_2Turn it on.  Let it run for about 3 minutes.  Scrape the sides and bottom.

My HipstaPrint 983616577Let it run for another 3-5 minutes.  I actually let it go longer because I ran upstairs to help with a bathroom issue, only to find that my son had locked himself out of his bedroom which required me to remove his doorknob… anyway, I let it blend a long time.

My HipstaPrint 983616577_4It will be warm from being chopped/blended for so long.  This will make it a good consistency for pouring into the jar you’re going to store it in.

My HipstaPrint 983616577_3After it cools, it will be more the consistency of peanut butter.  You could, I suppose, spread this on bread or graham crackers or something.  You could eat it with ice cream.  Or maybe dip fruit in it?  I prefer to eat it with a spoon.

My HipstaPrint 983616577_1Oh my.  So good.  Again, so sorry for showing this to you.  Best to just click to a new page and move past it.  Really.





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