Birthdays and Stuff

February is  busy month around here.  Both my mother and father were born in February so we celebrate that.  My grandmother was born in February so we celebrate that too.  My son was born in February so we definitely celebrate that.  A lot.  So, I give you a birthday (and some other stuff) post.

My son and my daughter are almost two years apart. Which means that we usually do a joint birthday party for them sometime between their birthdays.  [Sidebar:  I can not believe what people are doing for birthday parties now that my daughter is in kindergarten.  How are people affording this?!?!  Trampoline parks, plaster fun time, etc…. it’s just so overwhelming!]  So we end up doing a family party on the day and then a bigger party for both.

They get to pick the cakes they want.  This year, my son requested a “dark vader cake”.  We watched a few youtube videos and I very seriously said to him, “Mumma can’t carve a cake buddy. Sorry.”  So I bought a cake pan.  Yes, they sell these.  Amazon has everything.  With the help of a good friend, we made the cake happen.


She had some ideas as to how to decorate it and it did turn out well.

We even had enough for a second cake.


We have this birthday tradition with a ribbon.  My parents did it for me.  Basically, it’s a long, long ribbon which starts at your bedroom door and goes all through the house. There are small presents and gifts all along it.  My kids love it.

We also had a birthday breakfast out.  Which included toys at the table and ice cream after breakfast (who is the best mumma ever?!).

That night we had the actual cake.


We did the same for my mother’s birthday which falls on Valentine’s Day.  Of course, she did not request a Dark Vader cake.  She wanted vanilla cake with chocolate frosting and vanilla ice cream.

It’s important to lick the mixing beaters:


I’ve also been lucky enough to be part of a rotating dinner club recently.  We had a pizza night this past weekend and oh, it was so, so, so good.


My contribution was a dessert pizza but that wasn’t the only dessert.



Those cream puffs (chocolate cream puffs!) and giant cookie were so delicious.

I promise, at some point, I’ll post recipes again.  But for now, happy birthday, happy valentine’s day and happy winter to you all!



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