Healthy and Fast

Just a fast blog post to remind you

  1.  I’m still here.
  2. I’m still cooking.
  3.  It’s still hectic here.

My favorite thing to make on a Monday night, when I’m just exhausted from the weekend and the entire work week is looming, and I am dying for something green and healthy and easy is this:


I can’t take credit for the recipe.  It is 100% from Smitten Kitchen.  She calls them broccoli melts and they are simply divine.

You can click over there for her recipe but basically it’s broccoli mixed with cheese, lemon, red pepper, salt and garlic.


Then you toast some yummy bread.


Heap on the broccoli mixture….


…drape them in cheese and put them under the broiler and oh, it is so. good.  Really.  Even the husband, who isn’t a fan of vegetarian fare, ate his.  I encourage you to make this right now.  This second.  And then bring some over to me, because as I post this, these things occur to me:

  1.  It is Monday.
  2. The time change kicked my ass.
  3. I have nothing to make for dinner.

Come rescue me!


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