So overdue….

I was in the habit, for a bit, of writing letters to my kids here. Then life caught up with me and like so many other things, I fell out of that habit.  But?!  I have a few minutes today.  So today, I’m writing them a combined letter.  Indulge me, won’t you?


Dear G. and M.,

Oh, my loves.  Do you have any idea how much I adore you?  How much joy you bring to my life?  How much I enjoy watching you grow and change?  You two really are so wonderful.  Every single day I wake up, excited to see what you’ll do that day.  Really.  As cheesy as that sounds, it’s true.

IMG_5909You both have so much joy, excitement and curiosity for and about the world around you.  You’re both adventurous enough that if I say, “hey, do you guys want to…?”  you almost always say “YES” before I can even finish my thought.


M., it’s so hard for me to believe that you are four now.  FOUR!  You are so joyful, so affectionate, so sweet and so loving that I feel lucky every time you smile at me.


You have learned so much since you’ve started daycare and even more since G. started Kindergarten.  Because you are now at daycare without G, you’re starting to develop your own opinions and ideas and sometimes you can be very, very adamant in those.  You have your own sense of style which ranges from tutus and sparkly red party shoes to spiderman bow ties.


You love to run, do puzzles, build legos and play with G.  You sing and dance at will and I’ll often find you singing or talking to yourself when you’re playing alone.  You love to help me cook and do other “jobs”.




You 100% adore your sister and if you could be with her all the time, you would.



Both you and G. are so active and enjoy running, burpees and hanging out with November Project.




G, my girl, my firstborn, my love.  How can you possibly be six?  SIX?!  You are just blowing me away every single day with your personality, joy and energy.  You are never still.  Ever.



Well, I guess that’s not true.  You do have your quiet, introspective times.


You are so protective of M.



I love watching you two together.  But, sweetie, I just love watching you.  You’re smart and funny and passionate.  So passionate.  You’ve jumped into public school life with both feet and every single day you come home with new stories and ideas and things you’ve learned.


And you are also affectionate and sweet.


Your imagination is amazing and you love to play pretend games with M. and your friends.


You love goofing around for the camera.


You also love to help me cook.


Sometimes you like to match me.  Sometimes I’m the last person you want to match.


My mother, OGWO, used to say to me that she loves me more than anything in the world.  I used to think that wasn’t possible but… I get it now.  If I had no one else but you two, that would be enough for me.  I very much think I was born to be your mumma and you two were meant to be my kids.



IMG_7015And while our family is far from perfect- we yell, a lot, and your dad and I often disagree- we are still a family and you two are at the center.  All that we do is to support you and help you grow.  Both of you are doing such good jobs at that!


Happy fourth and sixth birthday, my darlings.  I love you big, no matter what and to infinity and beyond.  Forever.



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