Summer Summer Time!

So, summer is here!  We’ve officially been on vacation for about two days and I can already feel myself relaxing.  I mean, I slept until 6am yesterday!  Can you imagine?!

Summer foodwise around here means more fruit and vegetables, more grilling and way more desserts because I finally have the time to bake.  It’s what summer has always been to me, way back to the days of camp grandma, when my two cousins and I would go to the farmer’s market with my grandmother and then bake up a storm when we got home.

We made cookies the other day to kick off our summer and I had a few leftover (again, can you imagine?  Leftover cookies?!) so I decided to make ice cream sandwiches for the kids last night.  I’ve made serious ice cream sandwiches before (see here) but these were the spur of the moment, throw them together kind.  So, no recipe, just steps.


Cookies (you need an even number)

Ice cream

sprinkles, nuts or mini-chocolate chips


Take your ice cream out of the freezer so it will soften and be easier to scoop.  Pair your cookies.  They should be roughly the same size.


Turn them over so they’re ready for ice cream.


Scoop some ice cream on top and then try to flatten it a bit with your fingers so that it’s evenly spread.  The more even it is, the easier it is to add sprinkles to the edges.  Don’t push too hard because then your cookie will crack.  Go ahead, ask me how i know.


Put the other cookie on top and press gently.


Pour your sprinkles, nuts, mini chips, whatever, into a bowl that’s wide enough to fit the entire width of the cookie sandwich.  Make an even layer.


Then, you’re going to sort of roll the edges of the cookie sandwich around in the sprinkles.


Try to coat it evenly.  I did not win in this regard.  It looks like I did but that’s just angles.


Wrap them up in foil and freeze them until you’re ready to eat.  When you are, it’s best to surprise unsuspecting kids.


I need to point out that in the photo below, she was eating her second helping of broccoli before she got her dessert, per her request.  It may never happen again but it’s here, documented!



I expect to be doing some baking on Thursday with a good friend so stay tuned!

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