Rosh Hashanah 2016/5777

In some ways, this year’s dinner was exactly the same as previous years.  Many of the same foods, same faces and same amount of love and laughter.  In some ways, it was different.  Different foods, different faces and different conversations.  As always, I remain grateful for and humbled by the diverse group of family, family-by-choice and friends that have surrounded me.  The discussion topics that I heard included educational reform, mindfulness and the role of self-care and train engines.  These people are lawyers, doctors, teachers, administrators, consultants, doctoral students, craftsmen, mathematicians and playmakers.  I am in awe at the good that is put into the world by this group of people.  We are all so lucky to have them and I am the luckiest- they are my support system.


I cooked for about a day and a half.  I had company and multiple sous-chefs.


Although one sous-chef failed at one task, due to timing, but made up for it by helping with clean up at the end of the night.  This sous-chef also provided a beautiful cake.


I made all the usual dishes:  mashed potatoes, brisket, squash soup, steamed green beans with butter, roasted carrots, chicken with Israeli spices, fancy salad, buttered noodles.

img_7223 img_7219 img_7231

I tried something new this year- I made knishes.  Knish?  Is there an actual plural?  I’ve never made them but The Hungry Hippo did and blogged about it here.  I used roasted sweet potato, garlic and caramelized onion for the filling.


The dough was pretty simple.

img_7216 img_7214

The end result was tasty but strange-looking.  I need to learn how to fold them better.

img_7225 img_7227 img_7229 img_7235

My honey cake was also a bit of a disaster.  My daughter was with me and said, “oh no!  But that’s okay Mumma.  People will still like it because it’s yummy.”  The next day she told me, “See, Mumma, I told you!  Everybody ate your cake!”


img_7233 img_7234

We had other cake, as well.


It, too, was delicious.

The next day, the kids, my mum and I went for haircuts and the other food of our people at Joyful Garden.

img_7263 img_7261

Last night, I made butternut squash mac and cheese, using the squash soup as the base.  Wasn’t cheesy enough but it was still good.


I hope that the coming year is a sweet one.  I expect mine to be- as always- a mix.  But as a wise friend told me recently, “The deeper the bowl is carved and hollowed, the greater its capacity to be filled.”  I am trying to live by that these days.  So, may your bowls be deeply carved and filled to the brim with joy, laughter, happiness and good food.

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